Teaching Evaluations

See below for selected written feedback from students. Please contact me for PDF copies of all evaluation reports.

Selected Written Feedback:

Selected Feedback from Spring 2015, Duquesne University

"Dr. Gibson was absolutely fantastic! This was the one class I actually looked forward to. She connected to historical relevancies to the readings. I thought this really helped to understand why the authors were doing certain things. She used a variety of teaching methods such as video, powerpoint, lecture, and cooperative group learning to lead class discussions."

"I loved her as a professor and am taking her again next semester. She is passionate about teaching this material and makes the students want to learn it."

"Honestly, Anna Gibson is easily one of the best professors I have had at Duquesne yet. She is so kind and funny and understanding. She is enthusiastic about teaching and she constantly stimulates you to think further and outside the box. She taught me so much this semester and I love the materials she chose to read and how she connected them all to the end. Her assignments were also reasonable, fair, and nicely spread out so I never felt overwhelmed, but only at ease and excited to come to class."

"Professor Gibson was very enthusiastic about the subject matter of the course and did everything she could to inspire the same enthusiasm from her students. She did a great job starting discussion and asked complex, thought provoking questions about the text. She was a hard grader which I appreciated. I think my writing has improved quite a bit after taking her class. I enjoyed and appreciated Professor Gibson's class."

"Dr. Gibson is a great english professor. Her love of British literature made this class interesting and stimulating. The class discussions were well executed and the web project done in the class was different and allowed for students to write in a new way."

Written Feedback from Duke University

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